Isotope Geochemistry

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This book provides a comprehensive introduction to radiogenic and stable isotope geochemistry


A following chapter covers the closely related techniques such as fission-track and carbon-14 dating

A following chapter explores recent developments including unconventional stable isotopes, mass-independent fractionation, and isotopic clumping

Attention then turns to stable isotopes and after reviewing the basic principles involved, the book explores their use in topics as diverse as mantle evolution, archeology and paleontology, ore formation, and, particularly, paleoclimatology

Beginning with a brief overview of nuclear physics and nuclear origins, it then reviews radioactive decay schemes and their use in geochronology

Subsequent chapters cover nucleosynthetic anomalies in meteorites and early solar system chronology and the use of radiogenic isotopes in understanding the evolution of the Earth s mantle, crust, and oceans

The final chapter reviews the isotopic variation in the noble gases, which result from both radioactive decay and chemical fractionations.

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